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Asia has always been a bedrock of entre­preneurship, diversity, vitality, innovation and resilience. Collaborations that create borderless opportunities across bounda­ries tap the resources and ingenuity of decision makers and modern-day Silk Road merchants.

Our mélange of cultures distinguishes us – at times, divides us – yet unites us on our interdependent journeys. Each journey is distinctive, but the combined purpose illumi­nates a path that harnesses the collec­tive identities, potential and the greatness of Asia.

How do we ignite the spark to impact, if not, further the common good? As raw materials that brim with intrinsic value which forms the foundation of our communities, how can neighboring cities in Asia be brought toge­ther for positive collision?

PAN project is a learning and exchange plat­form where diverse programs are tes­ted, executed and distributed through collaboration, networking and peer learning.

Our purpose is to equip people for the post-industrial age, where creativity,
open innovation and collaboration are the core elements of growth and development.

THEME 2014


Innovation For Good pioneers this year’s platform that showcases the best-in-class developments and practices from across 13 cities in Asia. Supported by Sebasi, Taiwan’s DOIT, Seoul’s Art Center Nabi, Tokyo’s Loftwork, Innovation For Good fosters an outside-in approach that is complemented by city-to-city  collaborations; forming an ecosystem that enables innovation-generation connections to be forged.

Through exploring the themes of Tech­nology, Business, Education, Culture, Social, Policies, Heritage and Wellness, Innovation For Good provides the bridge for ideas to be prototyped, tested, incubated and scaled up. For innovators and enterprising innovation seekers, this could potentially be the launch pad to build multi-disciplinary dream teams from across the region.